Same-sex Marriage and Civil Nuptial Agreements: Gonzalez v. Green

Supreme Court New York County Back in 2006, Levoritz Law Firm took on a case involving same-sex marriage and civil nuptial agreements. The case presented a novel question of law: If a same-sex couple was not legally married, could they nonetheless still have a valid agreement as to how to divide property in the event that they break up? The court determined that they could. Although a same-sex marriage from Massachusetts was invalid in New York at that time, an accompanying nuptial agreement between the parties was held to be valid. The Facts The parties to the case, David Gonzalez and Steven Green (Yonatan Levoritz's client), lived in New York. They were married in Massachusetts in 2005 after that state legalized same-sex marriage. The couple also had an agreement stipulating that, upon divorce, spousal support would consist of a one-time payment $780,000 (from Green to Gonzales). The couple split [...]

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