Khvelner v. Tylo, 16 Misc 3d 1129(A)

Supreme Court Kings County There are two categories of law: substantive and procedural. Simply put, substantive laws are those that create the rights and duties members of a society have to one another. Procedural laws are the rules governing how a court applies substantive law. In other words, what paperwork gets filed? What sorts of time limits exist in asserting a right? What evidence is necessary, and how can it be presented? Procedural law seeks to guarantee that the legal process is fair and consistent. It is crucial for attorneys to always try to follow the procedural law to the letter, lest their clients be disadvantaged. Khvelner v. Tylo In 2007, the Law Office of Yonatan Levoritz represented a client in a malpractice suit against her former attorney for making a procedural error. One of the most important procedural rules in the legal system is the requirement that any [...]

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