Divorce Procedural Complications: Khlevner v. Khlevner

Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division Second Department Unfortunately, divorce can be a lengthy process. This case highlights the procedural complications that can arise during a divorce, causing it to drag on longer than parties anticipate. In 2008, attorney Yonatan Levoritz gained a successful appellate decision for his client in the case of Khlevner v. Khlevner. In 2006 the client, then represented by a different attorney, obtained an ex-parte divorce. An ex-parte proceeding is one in which only one party is physically present in court. Ex-parte divorces are possible when one spouse lives in New York and the other does not. Providing Notice Whenever an ex-parte divorce is allowed, it is especially important that the party not showing up has been properly notified and has been given a chance to represent themselves in the divorce hearing. No binding decision can be made against a party that was not [...]

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