Bruce McMahan v. Elena McMahan Case

Bruce and Elena McMahan married in 2002. This was Bruce’s fifth marriage. He was about thirty years her senior and was a highly successful Wall Street executive. She was a native of Ukraine and worked as a bartender when they met on a cruise ship. Their marriage was short-lived and they stopped living together in late 2004. Bruce filed for divorce in January 2005, leading to McMahan v. McMahan. A significant problem in their marriage was Bruce’s relationship with Linda, his adult daughter. Linda was a product of a short-lived affair between Bruce and another woman in California during the late 60s. In 1990, when Bruce met Linda and positively identified her as his daughter, he made her part of his family. When they met, Linda was a psychology student at San Diego State University. Eventually, Linda joined her father’s financial empire. In 1998, her relationship with her father deepened. [...]

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