Elena Svenson v. Michael Krichevsky

In Elena Svenson v. Michael Krichevsky, the firm not only successfully represented Ms. Svenson in her request for monthly child support payments but also weathered several lawsuits from Ms. Svenson’s ex-partner, whose obligation to provide child support so distressed him that he targeted attorney Yonatan Levoritz directly. In the initial case, Ms. Svenson sought child support after her ex-partner walked out on both her and their son. During their separation, Ms. Svenson’s ex-partner claimed that he earned little money, but the firm was able to show the Court that he quickly sold his BMW and even went so far as to quit his job, all in an effort to reduce or perhaps avoid altogether his obligation to pay child support. The Family Court of King County ultimately sided with Ms. Svenson and ruled that child support is based upon an individual’s earning potential, not the amount of money an [...]

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