International Divorce Proceedings: Terekhina v. Terekhin

Even when a party is out of the country, he or she still needs to comply with New York law in divorce proceedings. This includes appearing for depositions and hearing as well as answering discovery. Failure to do any of these things can result in sanctions that may include a prohibition for entering evidence in a divorce proceeding. A Case Example: Terekhina v. Terekhin The parties in Terekhina v. Terekhin were married in Russia in 2000. They planned to move to New York in 2010 to take advantage of New York’s advanced prenatal care options. In 2011, they purchased a home and moved to Staten Island. Shortly thereafter, their second child was born. However, the defendant, Mr. Terekhin, was arrested a few months later for allegations of assault against his wife, Ms. Terekhina. The family law court ordered that he stay away from his two children and wife. In [...]

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