Defending Family Law Appeals in New York

Lower courts are granted considerable discretion in family law matters. In most situations, the lower court will only be overturned if the decision was blatantly wrong or erroneous. That does not mean, however, that defending an appeal is easy or something you should do without the help of an experienced attorney. Changing the result of the lower court could end up costing thousands of dollars in both attorneys’ fees and property distributions granted in a divorce proceeding. Just because someone was successful at the lower court level does not mean one will prevail on appeal, and an attorney is a valuable asset. Case Example: Kaprov v. Stalinsky In Kaprov v. Stalinsky, Yonatan Levoritz defended an appeal based on a marital property dispute. In that case, the wife, Ms. Kaprov, initiated a divorce and asked the court to impose a constructive trust on a shared Florida apartment. The apartment was [...]

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