What Does the Free College Bill Do for Child Support?

New York state high school students who are looking for a break for college are in luck. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a budget bill this year that gives free college tuition to New York students attending the CUNY or SUNY schools, as long as their family's income is not over $100,000 this year. Next year, the income cap will increase to $110,000 and $125,000 in 2019. Those who are eligible will pay no tuition, which is roughly $6,500 at four year schools and $4,350 at community colleges. They still have to pay their student fees, room, board, and books, which can add up to $14,000 per year. However, there are some serious loopholes that may allow people to take advantage of the system. A student's eligibility is based on their family income. That's the income that the mom, dad, step parents, or custodial parents earn. The student puts that [...]

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Why Don’t We Replace Judges With AI?

It's inescapable. Everyone on the planet has some kind of bias. And anyone who has gone to court has seen this bias up close. Some judges hate men. Some hate women. Some hate poor people and some hate the rich. Researchers have studied psychological filters for decades, and we understand that people see all events through a cloud of their past experiences, moods, desires, and overall natures. In law enforcement, we see the events that take place through body cameras and cell phones as police officers sometimes have to use force to defuse a situation which they perceive at that moment as a threat to themselves or others. As a result of past police and government actions in the minority communities, they watch the police through their own filters of the police looking to cause them and their communities harm. Clearly, we all carry these filters, acting and reacting [...]

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Freelancers Must Be Paid Within 30 Days In NYC No Matter The Quality Of Work

New York City has become the first U.S. city to adopt a law requiring NYC-based freelancers be paid in full for work worth $800 or more within 30 days of completing a project.  NYC-based businesses that don't pay on time face a possible lawsuit and civil penalties up to $25,000. The Freelance Isn't Free Act went into effect this week, after a unanimous city council vote.  The act is designed to protect freelancers from unscrupulous employers who delay or completely withhold payment.  As many as a third of New Yorkers — writers, artists, musicians, wedding planners, home healthcare workers, stage technicians, dog walkers — are protected by this law, but it may have several unintended consequences for New York business owners. This is a union-based bill that uses legal fees as a sword to make employers pay for services that may be defective, but are too afraid to contest. [...]

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An Overview of the Criminal Appeals Process in New York

We see this scenario on TV all the time. Without it, there’d be no ‘drama’ in courtroom dramas. An unlucky defendant has just been convicted of a crime that could have them spending the rest of their lives in prison or, for extra intensity value, on Death Row. The courtroom erupts, but counsel for the defense promptly reassures their client, “We’ll appeal it.” What does ‘appealing it’ actually mean in a criminal case? In New York, a defendant who has been convicted in a criminal case has the automatic right to appeal to a higher court. Appeals in felony cases are heard by the Appellate Division while Appellate Terms and certain county courts are the next step up in misdemeanor cases. If the defendant’s appeal is rejected by any of these courts, they may apply to the New York Court of Appeals, but this court is not obligated to [...]

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What is my Child Support Obligation If I Have a 50/50 Custody

Many divorced parents are confused about how child custody can affect the amount of child support being paid by one parent, especially when the two parents share joint 50/50 custody of their child or children. How Does Child Support Work with 50 50 Custody? The parent who pays child support often wonders why they have to pay at all since they're in a 50 50 custody agreement. Child support has nothing to do with how much time each parent spends caring for their children and instead has everything to do with which parent has a higher income. For example, Larry and Carla divorced two years ago, and they share joint custody of their three children. The kids alternate between one week with Larry and one week with Carla. But Larry, an investment banker, pays monthly child support to Carla, a marketing account manager, even though Carla has her own apartment [...]

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4 Common Medicaid Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Medicaid planning is a vital part of any good estate plan. Most of us will eventually require nursing home care in our old age, and such care is expensive— the average yearly cost for a semi-private room is over $80,000—which can deplete your savings fast. Most private healthcare policies will not cover long-term care costs unless you paid for an applicable rider, and Medicare does not cover such expenses except in the wake of a hospital stay, and even then the maximum coverage period is 100 days. Fortunately, Medicaid will pay for the long-term care costs of those who qualify. To meet the eligibility criteria for Medicaid, however, your income and assets must be below a certain threshold. It may be possible that your resources, which you spent a lifetime saving, will cause you to exceed the asset limit and result in you being denied for benefits until most [...]

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It’s Time For New York To Stop Giving Away Taxpayer Money

It Is Time To Stop Giving And Start Raising Revenue Without More Taxes And Instead Look For Fees For Services There was a time that New York reigned supreme in the financial markets and Wall Street was the capital of the Financial World. Now China, Hong Kong, London, and possibly a post-Brexit France or Belgium will gobble up the taxes and fees New York earns from the trickle down effect of the IPO market and financial markets in general. Hedge funds did not relocate to Florida and Connecticut¹, and Goldman Sachs did not move to New Jersey for no reason at all. Certainly, for everything from financial fraud to not believing in climate change, one New York Attorney General after another persecuting company hasn't helped either. An aggressive anti-corporate stance by our city and state is depleting the economy of much-needed high-paying jobs. We're being taxed out of our [...]

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