Business Law 101: The Basic Elements Necessary for a Valid and Enforceable Business Contract

Every day, people all over New York enter into business contracts. They buy or sell property, sign partnership or vendor agreements, and become employers or employees. Unfortunately, many of these parties simply sign on the dotted line without confirming that the contract has all the provisions required to make it enforceable. Don’t let yourself be one of them. In New York, there are four basic requirements in a valid and enforceable business contract. In addition, both parties must be competent adults with a legal ability to enter into a contract and the subject matter cannot be illegal or a violation of public policy. An offer. Offers consist of three main elements. The first is one party’s statement of intent to enter into a contract. The second is a specific proposal with certain terms, and the third is a direct identification of the person receiving the offer. Unless all three [...]

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5 Red Flags for Potential Child Neglect

Consider this scenario: You’re a divorced dad who gets one night a week and every other weekend with your small son. Your ex has a new boyfriend, a fact that didn’t really concern you until your child started showing some serious behavioral and physical changes, like weight loss, increased appetite, and sores that keep reappearing. If you’re concerned, you may have good reason to be. Federal law defines child abuse and neglect as, at the very least, an action or omission on the part of a parent or other caretaker that: Creates an imminent risk of serious harm Results in serious emotional or physical harm Results in death Enables the child to be sexually abused or exploited Kids don’t always talk about what is happening to them, either because they are afraid of further abuse, want to protect the abuser, or simply believe that no one will listen to [...]

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What Happens If My Car Insurance Does Not Cover All the Damages in an Auto Accident?

It's a simple law: if you own or lease a personal car or truck, you're required to have auto insurance. If it's your personal vehicle, you need personal auto insurance. If it's a company vehicle, you need commercial auto insurance. In New York state, you're required to have certain minimum levels of auto insurance, such as $50,000 for liability insurance and $10,000 for property damage, although many people have $25,000 or $50,000. If you lease a car, the bank will often require you to have as much as $350,000 for liability and $500,000 for property damage. Why do I even mention this? Because if you're at fault in a car accident, and your insurance does not cover all the damages, you risk losing all your personal assets. Some time ago, I had a client who owned a dry cleaning business and had done fairly well for himself. He had [...]

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