Domestic Violence and Divorce

Recently, domestic violence has risen to the forefront of media attention, and awareness of the problem has skyrocketed. Domestic violence is the abuse of a party in a married or intimate relationship with the other, and in most cases, it is the woman who receives the abuse. In almost all cases being in a situation of domestic violence means you should get out, even if that means a divorce. An individual may be hesitant to get out of an abusive marriage if there are children, but studies have shown the long-term effects of being around domestic violence can be detrimental to the child. Many people who become abusive later in life witnessed it growing up. The negative long-term effects for both the abused party and the family often make it worth it to get out of that relationship. While getting out of that relationship is often the best move, it is [...]

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When is the Best Time to Enforce Joint Custody?

Grounds for divorce and taking in the consideration the relationship you and your spouse have, your family has complicated time ahead. Maneuvers and strategies are needed to give you peace of mind. Providing desirable outcomes with everyone’s best interest in mind is necessary. Allow us to share our experiences and provide you with our remarkable strategies for desired outcomes. There are two categories of custody in the state of New York. Legal custody and physical custody. Both are in the “best interest of the child,” this phrase is up to the court to decide and enforce. Understanding the meanings of both categories is the first step in making your decision. Legal custody is the right for a guardian to make the important decisions. Where kids go to school. Who their doctor will be.  And which holidays they will celebrate. Making these decisions is important, a former spouse or lover, is almost an inevitability. Having joint custody of your son or daughter is [...]

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