Capital Formation

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Capital Formation Services in New York

The Levoritz Law Group recognizes how crucial funding can be for any business. When a company needs to acquire capital, it is important to discuss the matter with a knowledgeable law firm with significant experience working with clients in all aspects of business law. Our firm is well-known for our service, advising clients on all aspects of corporate financing, including capital formation from individuals, private equity, venture capital groups, ‘angel investors’, and others. Contact The Levoritz Law Group for a consultation.


When you partner with us, we assist you in accessing the equity or debt capital you need and advise you on issues associated with the capital formation process, such as:

  •     Securities issuance and their reporting obligations *
  •     Public and private placement of equity and debt
  •     State and federal regulatory compliance
  •     Establishment of investment models, such as hedge funds
  •     Creation, review, and implementation of key documents such as shareholder agreements, stock and asset acquisition agreements, and   underwriting agreements
  •     Initial public offerings (IPO)
  •     Mediation and litigation services

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The Levoritz Law Group is New York City’s premier business law firm. Our attorneys have significant experience advising both private and corporate clients on timely, proactive, and proper capitalization methods. For many years, our clients have continued to turn to our firm for advice and representation, knowing that we provide effective legal services and unmatched personalized attention to each client. When you need to make substantial financial decisions, it is best to pick the right firm for the job. For more information about our law offices or to schedule a confidential consultation, contact The Levoritz Law Group today.

*The Levoritz Law Group refers you to securities firms for securities offering and underwriting, and collaborates with securities firms and accountants on the capital formation process.