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Child custody is arguably one of the most emotional and potentially explosive areas in New York family law. It can turn an uncontested divorce action into a contested and bitter ordeal. Couples can easily find themselves litigating their divorce based on this matter alone. As parents, you have worked to establish the positive parental relationship your child cherishes. The thought of not seeing a child every day can be unbearable. Many people have misconceptions about how a court will decide on child custody. Just because you may be a stay-at-home parent or take care of the child more of the time does not give you greater rights to custody. Both parents will have equal footing at the start of the divorce. New York courts and judges will always act in the child’s best interests. This is paramount to their decision. Generally, the court believes that each parent should have regular and ongoing access to their child unless deemed unfit. If you are getting a divorce and child custody needs to be addressed, it is crucial that you contact an experienced divorce attorney. The Levoritz Law Group is an effective team of highly-skilled and passionate divorce attorneys ready to protect your rights and the best interests of your child. For a consultation, contact The Levoritz Law Group.

Physical and legal custody

There are two types of custody that are often addressed in court. Legal custody is the right of a parent to make the important decisions that impact a child’s life. The parent with legal custody or the parents with joint legal custody can decide on matters, including academics, religion, healthcare, and more. Physical custody is the parenting arrangement. This facet of custody is awarded to the parent that will house the child more of the time. This parent is sometimes called the “custodial parent” or “primary caretaker.”

Joint and sole custody

Most parents settle the matter with a joint custody arrangement. They both have legal custody and a shared physical custody arrangement. Parents work together to mitigate the effects of the divorce on the child. This often means maintaining the child’s social, academic, domestic, and religious life. In rare cases, a parent is deemed unfit to parent during the divorce. There are many reasons for a court to consider awarding one party sole custody, meaning both physical and legal custody. If a parent is a danger, the court may choose sole custody because of criminal history, substance abuse, violent behavior, and more. It is important to have quality legal representation when legal custody is on the line and The Levoritz Law Group is ready to fight for your rights.

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The Levoritz Law Group recognizes the magnitude of child custody. We understand the stress our clients endure when facing such a significant legal matter. The Levoritz Law Group is comprised of experienced matrimonial and family law attorneys providing effective legal services for clients in New York. For more information about our child custody services or to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your child custody matter, contact The Levoritz Law Group today.