Fathers’ Rights

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Protecting the rights of fathers during NY divorce

Divorce is a complicated, emotional process. While some can come to an amicable conclusion, others are left with a heated court battle. One topic where most couples may quickly come to blows over is child custody. We recognize that each parent has the best interests of the child at heart, however, many times children will get used as leverage. Being the more visible parent, mothers are often chosen as the custodial parent. Unfortunately, around 17% of parents with physical custody are men. This bias generally stems from something called the tender years doctrine, a legal principle that dates back to the 1800s presuming that children under the age of 4 should stay with the mother. Courts should be gender-blind, but often, per the discretion of the judge, are not. This bias isn’t always present. When it is, it is important to have legal support to fight for an even playing field. Equipped with the experience you need and an unmatched dedication that produces results, contact The Levoritz Law Group to schedule a consultation.

Fathers have rights

If you’re a father facing divorce or in the middle of a divorce, you deserve the same chance at having partial or full custody of your children as a mother does. In some situations, the father works to support the family. This may allow a mother to stay at home with children. Unfortunately, this can give the courts a perceived greater investment in the children. This should not negate your rights to be a part of your children’s lives. Courts are supposed to be gender blind in more modern times, but often, they are not.

Physical and legal custody are paramount issues in a child custody case. For most cases, legal custody is awarded to both parties, unless a parent is deemed a danger. Legal custody is the right to make the important decisions in a child’s life, including academic, religious, social, and medical decisions. When it comes to physical custody, often, one party is chosen as the primary caretaker, also known as the custodial parent. When a court decides on physical custody, it is often at the discretion of the judge hearing the case. It is important to have quality legal support on your side.

Fighting for the rights of fathers in New York City

The Levoritz Law Group will fight hard for your rights as a father. We recognize the magnitude of this legal matter. Your family is at stake. It is an important part of our law practice here at The Levoritz Law Group. We believe all clients deserve to have the best representation that we can provide, putting in the time, effort, skill, and drive required to work through complicated legal problems. We provide sophisticated, elegant solutions to many legal problems and zealously advocate for our clients in court. We are ready. Contact The Levoritz Law Group.