The Levoritz Law Group attorneys have years of experience in business law. Whether you need help with setting up a business, negotiating contracts or developing a compliant crowdfunding* venture, our attorneys deliver a superior level of personalized service coupled with aggressive and energetic advocacy.

Attorneys Yonatan Levoritz and Steve Krishtul regularly represent clients in the fields of corporate and securities law. Core elements of our practice include:

The Levoritz Law Group attorneys have vast experience in commercial litigation, trusts and estates, and patent law. This means you can rest assured that all of your business needs are in reliable and effective hands.

When we work on securities deals such as crowdfunding, Regulation D filings, or as securities advisors working under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and other related rules and regulations, *we refer you to securities firms for the actual underwriting and offering process. This ensures the integrity of your transaction. We also act as consultants, and work with accountants and securities firms on the business structure, capital formation, raising of capital, and the seeking of strategic partners. We also work on the litigation that results when the proper steps are not taken at formation if management seeks to violate the agreements made with debt or equity holders in the firm, or disputes between partners.

With the extensive business law experience that the Levoritz Law Group brings to your business, you can’t pass up the opportunity to work with us. Contact us today for further information about our business legal services.


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