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Private Placement Offering Services in New York City

Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to sell securities to raise capital generally require an exemption from the Securities Act of 1933. Regulation D is the primary securities registration exemption used by private companies wanting to obtain capital. With this regulation’s exemptions, you may comply with both state and federal securities regulations to properly solicit and accept capital from investors as well as engage in general advertising and general solicitation of accredited investors. The Levoritz Law Group advises corporations and entrepreneurs on raising equity and debt capital through a variety of Regulation D private placement offerings. With a wealth of knowledge and years of significant experience, The Levoritz Law Group provides effective legal services to New York clients. If you need to schedule a consultation, contact our firm.

Our support services

The Levoritz Law Group is committed to the future of our clients. We work tirelessly to help clients achieve their goals and succeed in their endeavors. Our support services include:

  •     Legal advice with preparing a private placement offering
  •     Assistance with selecting the correct exemptions
  •     Assistance with preparing the private placement memorandum
  •     Advice on completing the necessary paperwork to create extra security interest classes
  •     Filing the federal Form D filings
  •     Advising you on legally marketing the offering

We refer you to a securities firm for the underwriting and offering of all private placements and work with accountants to ensure that all capital-raising efforts are carried out with the diligence and professionalism that the industry mandates.

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The Levoritz Law Group is a premier business law firm in lower Manhattan. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients succeed. Our firm has considerable multi-industry experience in assisting clients with proper and legally compliant Regulation D private placement offerings. With the right firm, the sky is the limit. To discuss your needs and how we may assist you, contact The Levoritz Law Group for a confidential consultation.