When is the Best Time to Enforce Joint Custody?

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When Is The Best Time To Enforce Joint Custody?Grounds for divorce and taking in the consideration the relationship you and your spouse have, your family has complicated time ahead. Maneuvers and strategies are needed to give you peace of mind. Providing desirable outcomes with everyone’s best interest in mind is necessary. Allow us to share our experiences and provide you with our remarkable strategies for desired outcomes.

There are two categories of custody in the state of New York. Legal custody and physical custody. Both are in the “best interest of the child,” this phrase is up to the court to decide and enforce. Understanding the meanings of both categories is the first step in making your decision.

Legal custody is the right for a guardian to make the important decisions. Where kids go to school. Who their doctor will be.  And which holidays they will celebrate. Making these decisions is important, a former spouse or lover, is almost an inevitability. Having joint custody of your son or daughter is stressful. Fully understanding the options that you have is the most important knowledge.  You don’t want the worst case scenario to unravel before your eyes and not know the legal measure to take. Leaving you with lasting implications of a poor judgment. You feel that you need to have legal custody, consider everything, and consider the process of a dispute.

You feel that you want joint legal custody.  Are you ready to make the compromises? Your parenting is valuable. Your ex-spouse needs to have input; you know this from the time spent together. You know that arrangements need to be made that best interest of the child, and the best thing for the child is sharing the responsibility of making important decisions.

The best time for joint custody is when you and your significant other are both fully vested; enough to have dinner and to discuss plans and intentions, along with the ramification of particular actions. Communication must be focused on; If not there will be lawyer fees and court cost with each side fighting for sole custody. We can help incubate healthy communication, and make sure that all lives are not turned upside down— for any longer. We will help solve your issues. A plan must be in place, your relationship with the mother should be healthy and close to having similar intentions.

A common reason to allow joint custody is if you are not willing to have a financial burden of alimony, yes the A word. Alimony is taken very seriously in the State of New York. You may feel better about compromising because you can foresee what will happen to your life if you pay a portion of wages, or paying a large sum of money at the end of the divorce proceedings. You can make the better financial decision. Through the settlement process, you can relieve the possibility of paying a large amount and for the long term. It is not uncommon for a husband to pay for spousal support during the court process and pay for spousal support after the divorce is final.

We must consider how long your marriage was, and what the making capacity or your ex will be after separation. If your ex will be doing very well or will have someone to help, you should have no worry. However, if you’ve been the breadwinner for many years, most likely alimony will be ordered. This is what makes the settlement process so important. We expect a reasonable outcome by not allowing the final decision to lay in the court’s hands.

If we can make it through a settlement conference and come to a cohesive agreement the first step has been made toward a pleasant experience during joint custody. This settlement agreement makes future agreements possible and should be remembered during your joint custody, to guide the hard conversations about your child’s life that must be had, but once the court decides, and if it’s not in your favor your option is limited by a court order.

We want clients who believe that an agreement can be met and a foundation is to be set with sturdy compromises. We will offer our objective professional guidance with your best interest in mind. In chess there is always a better maneuver, we strive to find and execute it. We believe in understanding before being understood, with this value we able to light the way, finding the best path to resolving your concerns.

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