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At Levoritz Law Firm, we are exactly what our name suggests: an experienced group of family law attorneys who have dedicated their careers to helping clients pursue their goals and achieve positive outcomes within a broad spectrum of legal areas. The collective knowledge of our incredibly diverse team allows us to tackle even the most complex and high-profile New York City divorce and child custody cases, the representation that New Yorkers can rely on when they need it most.  

We know that this period of time may be the hardest step in your life and have witnessed and understand what you may need to go through when dealing with any family legal matters.  With this in mind, we will give you our utmost support and care when dealing with your case.  Our divorce law team are result oriented and will fight for your voice to be successfully heard.

Our team of lawyers promises to respect your privacy and will dedicate their best legal work when handling your situation.

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When you partner with our law office, you will benefit from having a team of lawyers in your corner, lawyers who will go to the mat to fight for you with dedication and professionalism. Our attorneys have decades of experience in a vast array of family law matters. This ensures that whatever your situation, Levoritz Law Firm has the background, knowledge, and resources to make a positive difference in your case.

We believe that every case is unique and demands its own tactics and strategies. There are no blanket strategies or 'one size fits all' approaches when it comes to preparing your case. No matter the circumstances of your situation or area of the law that your case falls, we will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

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Yonatan Levoritz is a tireless fighter: super-smart, no-nonsense, absolutely trustworthy. Unlike some attorneys, he listens and communicates. His fees are surprisingly modest and he takes care never to waste a penny of his client’s money. He out-lawyered my spouse’s fancy Manhattan law firm at every turn and won a settlement far better than I had thought possible. He’s got to be the best bargain in the city. With Yoni in your corner you feel confident and empowered.

Yonatan Levoritz is a super-smart, wholly committed, tireless advocate. He’s a godsend to his clients and a terror to the other side. For me he was a lifesaver: representing me in a bitterly contested divorce, he used brilliant negotiating skills to achieve a just settlement that far exceeded my wildest hopes. He listens, understands, and communicates. He’s scrupulous about never wasting a penny of client money. He’s got to be the best bargain in New York City.

Mr. Levoritz is top-notch; the staff is incredibly helpful. He is extremely thorough, conscientious and knowledgeable. Mr. Levoritz responded quickly and thoughtfully to all my questions. I am satisfied with the outcome of my case.

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