Domestic Violence and Divorce

Recently, domestic violence has risen to the forefront of media attention, and awareness of the problem has skyrocketed. Domestic violence is the abuse of a party in a married or intimate relationship with the other, and in most cases, it is the woman who receives the abuse. In almost all cases being in a situation of domestic violence means you should get out, even if that means a divorce. An individual may be hesitant to get out of an abusive marriage if there are children, but studies have shown the long-term effects of being around domestic violence can be detrimental to the child. Many people who become abusive later in life witnessed it growing up. The negative long-term effects for both the abused party and the family often make it worth it to get out of that relationship. While getting out of that relationship is often the best move, it is [...]

April 30th, 2018|

When is the Best Time to Enforce Joint Custody?

Grounds for divorce and taking in the consideration the relationship you and your spouse have, your family has complicated time ahead. Maneuvers and strategies are needed to give you peace of mind. Providing desirable outcomes with everyone’s best interest in mind is necessary. Allow us to share our experiences and provide you with our remarkable strategies for desired outcomes. There are two categories of custody in the state of New York. Legal custody and physical custody. Both are in the “best interest of the child,” this phrase is up to the court to decide and enforce. Understanding the meanings of both categories is the first step in making your decision. Legal custody is the right for a guardian to make the important decisions. Where kids go to school. Who their doctor will be.  And which holidays they will celebrate. Making these decisions is important, a former spouse or lover, is almost an inevitability. Having joint custody of your son or daughter is [...]

April 23rd, 2018|

When Will Fathers’ Rights Be Applied in Child Custody?

You and your wife are calling it quits. You’re ready to move forward with a divorce. The decision may have been excruciating and years in coming, or it may have been a light bulb moment and you haven’t looked back since. Your marriage is definitely over, but what about your kids? You and your wife will be forever linked to your children, never more so than when they are young and under your care. You love them dearly, but you can’t continue living with their mother. More decisions must be made – about where and with whom they will live. Fortunately, if your divorce is like most, your wife and you have both put the interests of your children above any antipathy you have for each other. Either with each other directly, or with your lawyers as intermediaries, you have crafted a custody arrangement that will provide the most [...]

March 19th, 2018|

Will a Civil Lawsuit Be Appealed?

Civil case decisions, like most trial court decisions, are subject to review by an appeals court or appellate court. When a civil court decision is made and one of the parties do not agree with the decision, they may file to appeal the decision. The appeals court's job is to review what happened and determine if there are any present errors in interpreting the law. This process happens regardless if the decision was the result of a judge’s order or if it was decided by a jury. If the appeals court determines there was an error or errors, the appeals court will reverse the decision. What Happens in Appeals Court? If your attorney has filed an appeal on your behalf, he or she will then prepare and submit briefs to the court making your argument for an appeal. If a reason is compelling enough, the court could also agree to [...]

March 12th, 2018|

How to Deal with Business Disputes

When business partners have different ideas of how things should work in their business or how to address new problems, conflicts arise. Addressing the way conflicts are dealt is a good practice right when the business starts up. Yet, many partners or business associates never set up these practices so when a struggle arises, each has a different way to attack the problem. Businesses have been destroyed by conflicts—those big and small—and your business’s survival could hinge on finding a solution. Some of the disputes commonly experienced between business partners are: Problems with confidential information and protecting data Libel and slander between partners Issues between shareholders and partners Competition and antitrust matters Litigation Relative to Securities Arguing and suing one another will not bring the solution of business disputes. Finding an amicable way to resolve disputes will help you now and as your business grows. Here are Four Strategies for Resolving Business [...]

February 16th, 2018|

Steps to Getting the Right Lawyer for Your Needs

Deciding you need a lawyer is itself a big decision, one that forces you to make yet another important decision – who? Finding the right lawyer may feel like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Before you start doing aimless internet searches, take a few minutes to clarify why you need a lawyer. Is your divorce becoming contentious? Are you starting a new business venture? Have you been accused of a crime?  Determining the kind and scope of legal services you need will go a long way towards making the final selection. Once you’ve determined what kind of lawyer you want, it’s time to find an individual or a firm that has expertise and experience in your desired field.  Maybe you already know a lawyer or two socially; you should ask him or her for suggestions. Perhaps you have a family member or colleague who recently [...]

February 9th, 2018|

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