Client Testimonials

Mr. Yonatan Levoritz is the highest quality matrimonial attorney. He was representing me in a very complex divorce proceedings. His deep understanding of the details of the case, command of the psychology of the proceeding resulted in a highly beneficial resolution of the case. I consider him not just a highest level professional, but also as a person of incredible integrity and kindness. Mr. Levoritz is leading a team of high quality legal professionals which comprehensively explore case details, meticulously analyze all relevant issues, while avoiding intense emotional pressure common in the matrimonial matters, to come up with the winning case strategy. I would recommend wholeheartedly Mr. Yonatan Levoritz to anyone in need of help, support and highest quality legal professional services.

I was going through a very destructive divorce. The first lawyer I hired wanted to hand me over on a silver platter. She was a woman and not very ethical in my opinion. I felt as if she was working for the opposing counsel. The second lawyer I hired just took me through the motions. He was a nice guy, but dragged out the process because he worked for someone else. He was great at billing. That was all. Then I really did my homework and found Yonatan. He is tough and will get the job done. Do not expect him to sugar coat your situation, it is not his style. What makes him different is his knowledge of case law and his ability to prepare for trial. He was going to be my third lawyer and all my friends and family told me it would cost too much to switch at this point. In 2 weeks he worked night and day to familiarize himself with my case. He was incredibly prepared. I was beyond impressed. He settled my case in less than 2 months. Had I stayed with the other lawyer, I would be broke! He is more than worth the money that he charges! He saved me $230k and ended the continued misery at the hand of an opposing counsel that was deceitful and unscrupulous. I felt as if it would never end. The other side was driving me into bankruptcy. I listened to everything Yonatan told me even though I disagreed. He helped me through the toughest battle of my life. I do not wish anyone to go through what I did. Yonatan saved my life!

Yonatan Levoritz is a tireless fighter: super-smart, no-nonsense, absolutely trustworthy. Unlike some attorneys, he listens and communicates. His fees are surprisingly modest and he takes care never to waste a penny of his client’s money. He out-lawyered my spouse’s fancy Manhattan law firm at every turn and won a settlement far better than I had thought possible. He’s got to be the best bargain in the city. With Yoni in your corner you feel confident and empowered.

Yonatan Levoritz is a super-smart, wholly committed, tireless advocate. He’s a godsend to his clients and a terror to the other side. For me he was a lifesaver: representing me in a bitterly contested divorce, he used brilliant negotiating skills to achieve a just settlement that far exceeded my wildest hopes. He listens, understands, and communicates. He’s scrupulous about never wasting a penny of client money. He’s got to be the best bargain in New York City.

Extremely thorough – very personalized service. They listen and the provided me with the best advice. Yoni is incredible in court. Very effective and relentless.

Yonathan Levoritz provides excellent and quality services. I always felt that my needs were met and that the firm was invested in me and my case. He cared about my divorce case showing professionalism and sensitivity to all my dealings. I highly recommend The Levoritz Law Group.

Mr. Levoritz is top-notch; the staff is incredibly helpful. He is extremely thorough, conscientious and knowledgeable. Mr. Levoritz responded quickly and thoughtfully to all my questions. I am satisfied with the outcome of my case.

I came to Yonatan Levoritz terrified of my ex who was terrorizing me and threatening to take my children. Yonatan addressed my fears and gave me step by step instructions on how to fight back. He was there for me through the whole process, and helped me find the strength I was lacking. He delivered on all his promises, and got the results better than I could hope. Thanks to him I can finally move on.

My son was involved in a petty crime a year ago and although I was really mad at him, I still needed to make sure that he will get the best representation. Fortunately, we got the help that we needed at The Levoritz Law Group. Their legal team really made sure that we get a fair trial and I will surely recommend their service to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you Tony!

I had a brush in with the law a couple of years ago and although I know that it was a bad move on my part, I still wanted to get the best representation. So, I contacted Tony Mirvis and thankfully, they were more than eager to help me with my case. I can really say that they are the best legal team that anyone could ask for and thank you so much Tony!

Being wrongfully accused can be very stressful. I was really disappointed with the first legal team that I’ve worked with so I consulted Tony Mirvis and thanks to them, everything was all sorted out. I would not have made it without their expertise and their efforts. Thank you to everyone at The Levoritz Law Group!

I had a bad experience with a legal team in the past and when I ran into another legal problem, I wanted to make sure that I will not have any problems with my legal representation. So, I consulted Tony Mirvis and I was just so relieved when I realize that these guys really do care about their clients. Thank you to The Levoritz Law Group for your help and for your sincerity. Great job everyone!

I would like to commend everyone at The Levoritz Law Group, especially Tony Mirvis. I truly appreciate all the work and effort that they have done to make sure that I get the best results on my case. You guys are certainly the best and once again thank you! Keep up the good work and God bless you all!

I never thought that I would get myself in such a mess. I got involved in a legal problem so I had to make sure that I get my name cleared out. So, I called up Tony Mirvis right away and thankfully I made the right choice with them. Their legal team is certainly the best in the business. Thank you so much everyone!

I have known Tony for many years and he has provided me with solid advice on criminal issues. He is very knowledgeable and has a strong reputation in the community. I endorse this lawyer.

Yonatan is professional, experienced, kind and attentive, able to provide practical unbiased guidance. Through the years of working with him on a number of cases, he became more than just an attorney, but a wise advisor keeping his clients’ best interest in mind.

Yonatan is very thorough and aggressive. He handled my divorce and 2 different orders of protection my ex wife brought against me. He was successful in having BOTH dismissed on my behalf with out even having to go to trial.

Mr. Yonatan Levoritz (Yoni), represented me against a famous New York lawyer. Before Yoni, I had another lawyer who was also very famous. Then Yoni came in and started correcting all of the mistakes done by my first lawyer. He got me a great deal in all terms and custodial rights. He honestly told me the pros and cons of my case and where I stood. He was always there for me and even gave me his cell phone number. I am very grateful to Mr Levoritz for all his hard work.

Mr Levoritz helped me win sole custody of my daughter, in a case that went all the way to trial in NYC Supreme Court. I needed not only an extremely capable prosecutor and lawyer, but someone with a tough personality, to counteract the lies and mean behavior of my ex. I could tell immediately that Mr Levoritz wanted to see my ex exposed and punished for his brutality and craziness, as much as I did. He left no stone unturned. Feeling in great hands through this ordeal has been invaluable!!!

I had been litigating against my ex wife for almost 7 years in a very complicated divorce spread between England, New York and Texas. I had met many different lawyers throughout the litigation and meeting with Mr Levoritz was instrumental to my case. He is extremely analytic, able to think outside the box and has a tremendous knowledge of all aspect of the matrimonial law. Additionally he is a very good litigator. I would with no hesitation recommend Mr Levoritz for a divorce proceeding.

Mr. Levoritz (Yoni) is a caring, passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, excellent attorney, who practices nothing but the best customer service methods, is able to remain calm in crisis situations. I always felt that my needs were met, he invested in me and my case. He was always accessible, got back to me quickly, aggressive in court and got me the results that I wanted. Even years later I could email Yoni with question not related to my case. He is the one you want to hire a family lawyer!

Mr. Levoritz (Yoni) got me custody of my son. He was available for me every time I need him. Before I find him, I try to get help from 5 different law firms and finally find Yoni. He is very good attorney and he know very well court system.

Yoni is a great professional, knows the law and the system very well. Helped me through a complex divorce. Was able to explain and answer all my questions with clarity. Divorce is a difficult situation but his professionalism made an important difference. Very intelligent and great negotiator. Fast thinking very secure, aggressive and efficient to defend yet compassionate and friendly with the client. Definitely I recommend Yoni, you will be secure and in great hands.

Working with Mr Levoritz has been a breeze, Since he’s really on point with what he needs. Last year around this time, his words to me were, Alex don’t worry, Next year this time you’ll be breathing easier. He’s right. I’m breathing muuuuch easier since we banished one of Hell’s minions! Divorces are a really nasty part of life. I hope no one has to ever go thru what i did. Thanks for your help Mr Levoritz!

I felt secure and confident that I was well represented by Mr. Levoritz. He is a strong attorney who knows matrimonial law and will fight hard for you. Importantly he was a great negotiator and a tough litigator, aggressive in his belief in what is right. He was always a professional, calm in having to deal with difficult situations and especially difficult people. He was always accessible when I needed him and addressed my concerns immediately. I would highly recommend him.

Mr. Levoritz helped me with a child custody case. In the court room he is incredible prepared. He was very quick to respond to my inquiries. He has proven to be kind, determined attorney, who is never afraid to vigorously defend and protect his client interests. He is a strong attorney who knows matrimonial law and I will highly recommend Mr. Levoritz for legal representation.

I have known Yonatan for a very long time. Yonatan is a very reliable, dedicated, organized and diligent attorney. He is a kindhearted, compassionate, intelligent, and strong person who has clear sense of direction and purpose. Yonatan has my enthusiastic recommendation.

Mr. Levoritz displays exceptional abilities for analytical thinking when he is faced with the most complicated facts of the case. Coupled with extensive knowledge and experience his clients receive an advantage over the other party in an adversarial setting of a divorce proceeding.

Mr. Levoritz is very knowledgeable in his chosen specialty. He provides his clients with a very high level of care and experience that can truly be invaluable when a person is going through a very difficult period in their life. I highly recommend Mr. Levoritz.

Mr. Levoritz is a well regarded practitioner known for handling complex divorce cases involving child custody and visitation issues and usually when substantial assets are involved. He is tireless and an extremely dedicated, hard working attorney.

Mr. Levoritz is an outstanding advocate that protects his clients, challenges his adversaries, and knows the law.